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The Voice Aerobics Hi VOLT® Voice-on-Light Bracelet illuminates to help you speak loud enough to be heard! For best use with the Hi-VOLT® 4PD© audio. The Hi-VOLT® voice-on-light was designed to be used during daily voice practice for 30- 60 minutes daily. When used this way, the goal is to provide augmented feedback which may help with motivation to practice and also provide the user with a better sense of the amount of voice effort required to stay loud enough for everyday conversation.




The Voice Aerobics Hi VOLT® Voice-on-Light Bracelet is a voice activated, calibrated light, housed within a bracelet, providing augmented feedback during daily speech practice. It was designed for use by individuals with Parkinson’s or related disease diagnosis, and the light bracelet is activated when the user’s voice is loud enough, helping them to stay loud enough for everyday conversation. Feel the effort, stay loud enough for everyday conversation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Latex free.
  • Size: up to 7 inches.
  • Voice activated: Yes.
  • Battery life: 45 hours.
  • Resistant: Water proof and cold temperatures.
  • Weight: Lightweight.
  • Color: Blue.

It’s Fun and Easy.

Just Speak Up and See the Light!

Speaking loud enough to have a conversation just shouldn’t be so hard. But for many people with Parkinson’s Disease, it is.
What if you could take a Voice Aerobics Hi VOLT® Voice-on-Light Bracelet with you wherever you go, just to help you stay loud enough for everyday conversation?
Here’s how it works… You just need to speak loud enough to activate the light! That’s all there is to it.

Use the Hi-VOLT® 4PD © Voice Practice @Home Audio for guided voice practice at home. Your Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT® Voice-on-Light bracelet is calibrated to help you stay loud enough to see the light.

Hi-VOLT® is not a medical device or medical treatment and you should report any changes in your voice to your physician.

Please note:The Hi-VOLT  voice activated bracelet is not eligible for return or refund

Battery & Using your Hi-VOLT bracelet

Thank you for your interest in the Hi-VOLT® light. The battery, at present, cannot be replaced. However, battery life is approximately 45 hours of continuous use. Using the bracelet daily, for up to one hour/day, patients have found the bracelet lasts 7-8 weeks.

There is a 10% discount for each additional bracelet in one order and if 3 are purchased, the 4th is free. See Bracelet purchasing (without the CD) here.

In my practice, I invite my patients to use the Hi-VOLT® during daily voice practice. For feedback to be most useful, you don’t want to be reliant on it all of the time.

For patients who are enrolled in speech therapy, they may use the Hi-VOLT daily for the first few weeks, then begin to reduce use to every other day or just once/week.

For individuals who have completed speech therapy, I suggest using the Hi-VOLT at least weekly during speech practice and to re-calibrate the bracelet to a louder level of voice use.

In physical therapy, patients and therapists find it helpful when doing the BIG program, using it to Walk, Talk, and Stay LOUD!

4 reviews for Hi-VOLT® Voice-on-Light Bracelet

  1. Frank, speech therapy patient with hypophonia due to Parkinson’s

    “Without my bracelet I feel naked, I like the feedback when I practice.”

  2. Jerry

    “Hello Mary, I just want to let you know that my Hi-Volt® Bracelet has expired this afternoon; I used it 70 days with an average use time of 2 hours a day. I carried it everywhere and considered it a friend. Many times I found my vocal abilities back sliding and I would bring out my friend and regain control.

    I would like to tell you that I am 100%, but we both know that is not to be. With my bracelet and the habits I have acquired from your class I am generally satisfied. I can never thank you enough!”


  3. Aubry

    We have had great success with the Hi-VOLT. We use the Songbirds voice aerobics program, as well as the Hi-VOLT PD program, alongside the Hi-VOLT bracelets for patients with PD, dysarthria, & poor respiratory endurance. Our patients also use the bracelets throughout the day in different therapy sessions – this is probably where we see the most benefit for the bracelet to provide feedback for our patients to know when they are loud enough for their therapists to hear what they are saying in a loud rehab gym

  4. Anonymous

    I am an SLP at a hospital in Pine Bluff, AR. The speech team & I have been using your Songbirds voice aerobics program & the Hi-VOLT bracelet for about 2 years. We use the bracelet OFTEN and have seen great progress with some of our patients with Parkinson’s disease. We are big fans of your products! Thank you!

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