Voice Aerobics® 3-in-1 Travel Pack (Songbirds©, Hi-VOLT® 4PD©, & Breathwork)


USB Stick with Songbirds© (22 minutes) and Hi-VOLT® 4PD© (27 minutes) guided audio practice, Breathwork Guided Video (15 minutes), ear buds and velour bag for $29.99 Add the Hi-VOLT® voice-activated light bracelet for only $20!


USB Memory Stick with 60 minutes of fun speech and voice practice

Portable, Affordable, and Fun speech and voice practice wherever you go!

Traveling away from home shouldn’t mean an end to speech and voice practice. No CD player? No Problem! We’ve put our customer’s favorites on a USB.

Note: An OTG Cable (not included) is needed to connect the USB stick to your phone
(consult your favorite nerd to choose the right kind.)

USB Drive Includes these Audio/Video Programs:

22 minutes of voice practice set in music

Hi-VOLT® 4PD©:
27 minutes of guided speech practice

Breathwork Program 1Breathwork:
guided video

All for only $29.99

PLUS – Get the Hi-VOLT® voice-activated light bracelet for only $20.00*

The Hi VOLT® voice-activated light bracelet illuminates to help you speak loud enough to be heard!
*Get one Hi-VOLT® voice-activated light bracelet for $20 plus tax (if FL resident) & shipping with the purchase of the Voice Aerobics® 3-in-1 Travel Pack. For a limited time only, not combinable with other offers.

Learn more about the Hi-VOLT® program and bracelet HERE

No returns. Contact us with any questions: info@voiceaerobicsdvd.com


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