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Through the years, Mary has amassed an extensive library of information; blog articles, podcasts, an archive of audio seminars, etc. She also has been active in offering classes, workshops and tested products, both locally and nationally. Mary is a formidable source of information.

Seminars, podcasts and other events that offer help with speech exercises and problems due to symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. See where we’re going, see where we’ve been. You’re invited to join us!

Guest Speaking & Seminars by Mary Spremulli

For over 25 years, Mary Spremulli, MA,CCC-SLP, creator of Voice Aerobics, has been conducting educational seminars for both health care professionals and patients.

Your organization or support group can offer a Voice Aerobics® Seminar that will provide the latest information about voice, speech and swallowing. Our Learn and Earn program allows your organization to benefit:

  • Participants receive a Voice Aerobics® DVD
  • We donate a portion of the total registration fees back to your organization

Contact us today: or call: 941-204-1515

Parkinson’s Awareness Month Webinar 2018

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What-Happens-in-the-Vagus podcast seminar

Voice Aerobics® Classes

Voice Aerobics Class

Voice Aerobics® Whole Body Voice Strengthening Program

This 60 minute class that focuses on posture, breathing, and voice, while incorporating upper body stretches and movement. Participants will receive a Voice Aerobics® DVD for home practice. Maximum of 30 participants per class. $55 for 5 sessions. Care partners attend for free. Seating is limited and registration is required.

FREE Live Events

LOUD Crowd is an event, open to the public every Thursday 1:30-2:45 at Universal Fitness, Punta Gorda, FL. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Voice Aerobics class once a month (4th Thursday of the month) at Neurochallenge in Northport. SEE MORE INFO

Listen to ALL the Voice Aerobics® Broadcasts

Events that happen online for you to listen to; we podcast and record events for you to listen to at any time right from your computer or Apple device. View the listings (same list on iTunes for your convenience):

Blog Talk Radio   |   iTunes: Voice Aerobics Talking 2 You

Disclosure: Voice Aerobics Talking 2 You, hosted on Blog Talk Radio is a free service, supporting the company mission of providing education. Guests receive no remuneration and generously give of their time. There is never any fee to listen or call in to the program. About Advertising: Advertisement by way of video or audio has been placed by Blog Talk Radio, and I apologize in advance for any intrusion this creates for listeners.

My Mission: To enlist individuals in their treatment, and help them express their personality & spirit through voice. To educate and empower.

Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP

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