Voice Problems

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Amplification Can Help Common Voice Problems

Voice disorders (e.g.: hoarseness, poor volume, vocal fatigue) are common occupational hazards for individuals who engage in heavy voice use. This includes: teachers and preachers, coaches and aerobics instructors, public speakers, trial attorneys, actors and radio and television personalities.

Chronic hoarseness can mean missed time from work, and for teachers, one of the highest groups with voice problems, a poor voice can actually affect student listening and learning.

So How Can Amplification Help?

It has been established in the voice research that a portable amplification device lessens the need for teachers to project their voices, and can reduce the overall speaking level by 7dB. In a study that examined the benefit of voice amplification in the classroom, 90% of the teachers reported easier voice production and 84% of the students found it was easier to listen.

The Voice Aerobics™ digital voice amplifier offers users up to 22dB loudness, with no sound distortion, even at loudest volume. The lightweight head microphone makes it easy to use all day if needed, and the long lasting lithium battery means a full day or more of talking on a single charge.

Why Is The Voice Aerobics™ Digital Amplifier Priced So Low?

Don’t be fooled by the affordable price of the Voice Aerobics™ amplifier. The price is merely my attempt to make it an affordable option for ANYONE needing more power for their voice. That includes professional voice users as well as patients with voice weakness from a variety of conditions such as: vocal nodules and polyps, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Post-Polio, and other medical conditions and neurological diseases.