Recently, I had to be on a diet of liquids and exceptionally smooth food for a couple of weeks following a wisdom tooth extraction and an additional dental procedure. I was not looking forward to it because I’m someone who likes a lot of texture in my food like crunchy vegetables and crusty bread. So, the idea of a week of smoothies was not appealing to me. But I decided to have some fun with it and be a little creative in the kitchen.

Although I own a Vita Mix which basically will pulverize anything in your fridge, I wanted a personal blender that was smaller and even portable so that I could take it to my office, and that’s when I found the Blend Jet. The Blend Jet is lightweight, powerful, taking only about 20 seconds to do its work, USB-rechargeable, and lasts for approximately 15 blends before requiring a recharge. Cleaning is also easy because you just put a drop of dish soap in the container, add water, and whoosh in 20seconds it’s clean. And I should add it comes in the prettiest of colors (see below). I chose red as I have been accessorizing my kitchen with red this year. 

I could still enjoy my vegetables by steaming them first, and then adding them to some soup stock and blending to a nice soup consistency. Options for smoothies, of course are only limited by your imagination, and I even enjoyed a Bloody Mary, celery included!

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This would be a great device for patients who require thickened liquids or pureed diets whether they live at home or are in a nursing facility or rehab. In fact, providing fruits, veggies and other ingredients and allowing patients to create their own drinks and soups might give them a sense of control over mealtime and put some fun back into eating. Certainly, more fun and appealing than the can of supplement that is often left sitting on the meal tray untouched.

For people with feeding tubes who make their own formulas, I found the blender was able to create a smooth liquid as long as you respected its size and capacity.

* This is NOT a paid advertisement and comments are based purely on my own experience. You can see all the pretty colors and order by visiting their website:

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