Survey Results


Voice Aerobics Product Survey 2011

Voice Aerobics™ DVD and Songbirds Audio CD

Who Responded To The Survey?Voice Aerobics Survey

  • 82.7% persons with a voice problem
  • 53.1% women and 46.8% men
  • 42.4% have never had speech therapy
  • 57.4% report having prior speech therapy within the last 3-9 yrs
  • 58.7% Report a diagnosis of Parkinson’s from 2.9 yrs to 10 yrs or more (38.2%)
  • 5.8 % report Parkinson’s Plus diagnosisOrder Voice Aerobics DVD!

What Products Do You Use?

  • 87% Use the Voice Aerobics™ DVD

How Often Do You Use The Program/s?

  • 54% use the program/s at least one time a week or more

83% Report Their Favorite Features Are:

  • Easy to follow, nothing to remember
  • Portable, can be used in the car or at home
  • Fun and motivating
  • It’s affordable

“It has really helped my mother physically and in her speech. It is remarkable. Even her Dr is very impressed.”

88% Report The Following Improvements:

  • Better awareness about breath support
  • My voice sounds stronger and louder on days I use the program
  • Other people say I sound better when I use the program

“I am thoroughly enjoying your dvd, cd and the amplifier. You have done a great job in making it easy to use the products and made it very helpful. The amplifier allows me to communicate better with everyone of my family and friends and also it is very portable and manageable. The dvd and cd are fun to use and also have been very cleverly designed to promote speech and as well do a lot of stretching exercises.

God bless you, I have had Parkinson’s Disease for the past 12 years and have taken a lot of speech therapy sessions and your products have made it easier to continue with my speech exercises. I would highly recommend all three products to anyone who has speech problems. Keep up the good work Mary and Thank You Kindly for making it easier for me.
Best Regards, Hari, Ontario Canada.”

“Thank you to all who responded, as well as those who took the time to send me a personal email. Your responses have helped me better understand the needs of my customers, as well as the ways I can improve my products.”

            Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP