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Many speech-language pathology out-patients, perhaps even you, are unable to receive speech therapy treatment due to closures and shelter in place requirements associated with the Coronavirus.

For this reason, you may want to investigate Telepractice and Online Coaching. I have been offering this option for years and patients report great success with it. Using your home computer or tablet device you can connect with me for an assessment, treatment, or coaching, including help with use of any Voice Aerobics product.

Go online here. You can also send an email to:, or call 941-204-1515 and schedule an appointment. Don’t let social distancing and reduced access to care result in a decline in your speech, voice or swallowing ability! Visit my website to learn more or to schedulschedule an appointment. Credit cards accepted, and secure payments processed through paypal.

Charlotte County LOUD Crowd meets weekly Online

I continue to host a weekly LOUD Crowd using the ZOOM web platform. Members are quickly becoming more computer savvy, and this week 9 people joined the class. It felt like we were in the room together just as we always are on Thursday afternoon, and we were even able to re-connect with one of our members who moved out of the area. Speak Easy 4 PD class members were sent a video and lesson allowing them to continue to benefit from daily speech practice.

We are all in uncharted territory at the moment, but it’s important to trust that the same resilience you employ every day of your life which requires you to adjust to the symptoms of Parkinson’s or other related disease will help you adjust to this temporary shift in lifestyle.

Resilience: Lessons from people living with Parkinson’s disease

A number of years ago, Dr Jeffrey Wertheimer, a neuopsychologist and Carol Walton, CEO of the Parkinson Alliance, joined me for a podcast. We discussed a survey they had conducted looking at resilience in people with Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Wertheimer stated:  ” the concept of resilience in Parkinson’s Disease is unintentionally but commonly overlooked or under assessed, as the usual focus on “what is wrong” tends to overshadow the many positive attributes that lead one to be resilient, and that individuals with PD possess and can develop.  This might be a great time to re-visit the topic and learn about ways that all of us and especially anyone living with Parkinson’s or other chronic illness might develop their coping strategies and sense of well-being. 

To listen to the interview:Resilience and Parkinson’s disease


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