I am pleased to announce the 2024 Voice Aerobics Scholarship recipient, Kaitlyn Engelhart, Kent State University, Ohio.

The process of choosing a recipient every year is somewhat long and intense for me, and this year was no exception as I made my way through over 150 applications.

It’s always interesting each year to see what theme arises, and this year, it was about diversity and inclusion, not only in our training programs, but also in being able to provide treatment to all the children and adults who could benefit from our services.

For me personally, the scholarship is my own small way of giving back and an opportunity to support a student who will soon be a part of our field. This year, like in years prior, I can see that we are in good hands with so many compassionate and bright future clinicians.

The first statement on the application asks students to complete the phrase: “I have selected the field of Speech‐Language Pathology because…”

When I read Kaitlyn’s response, her words so elegantly and succinctly stated all that this field is. She wrote “communication is a fundamental right, but it is also the power of self-expression that connects us.” Like Kaitlyn just entering the field, or those of us who have spent our careers as Speech-Language Pathologist, we hope that through our knowledge and skills we make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.