The Respiratory Muscle Strength Trainer Accessory Kit (RMT kit) is now back in stock and can be used with the Breather inspiratory-expiratory respiratory muscle trainer for feedback and more targeted training.

The RMT Accessories Kit combines the components you need to turn your respiratory muscle trainer into a feedback device for enhanced performance. Patients report: “It really helps me do the exercises! 

RMT Kit Breather trainer accessory  What’s included:   

  • Mouthpiece
  • 22mm connector
  • Tubing (and 1 replacement tubing)
  • 0-60 Manometer

*All are single patient use and latex free.                                                                      

When connected to your RMT device the manometer (pressure gauge) displays pressure levels on exhalation and provides feedback helping you stay calibrated to using  YOUR BEST EFFORT!

The RMT kit can be used with the Breather using the 15mm connector included in their packaging or with an EMST-device that will accommodate a 22mm connector. (Respiratory muscle trainers Breather and EMST-150 are sold separately)

RMT Kit Breather trainer accessory attached to the Breather                                     

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