Respiratory muscle training (RMT), is a type of exercise that has been used effectively for over 30 years, and like strength training for the skeletal muscles, RMT can be an effective way of improving the way we use the muscles of breathing. RMT devices were first introduced as a way of augmenting manual methods of helping patients clear  mucus from their lungs, but as time has gone on, the research and clinical use of these devices has broadened, and there are now several types of designs and numerous indications for use including: improving cough effort, reducing aspiration in patients with dysphagia, and  improving breath support for voice use.

Incorporating respiratory muscle training into your daily exercise is quite easy for most people. Most RMT devices can be held in your hand or slipped into your pocket or purse for use at home or wherever you may be.

So, which is the best device for you? Like other forms of exercise,  the best RMT device is the one that will meet your therapy or fitness goals.

Athletes, people concerned about age related changes to the breathing muscles, and individuals with chronic or progressive diseases such as Parkinson’s can all benefit from respiratory muscle training.

BreatherPhotoshoot21000-e1503093577456The Breather® Is a flow resistant device that allows users to improve strength or endurance of the breathing muscles on inspiration and exhalation.

At its lowest settings, The Breather can be used by just about anyone, including hospitalized patients recovering from illness or patients with chronic diseases such as COPD.  Higher resistance settings are designed to provide more of a strengthening effect.

Prior to using a respiratory muscle trainer, just like any exercise, it is important to check with your physician first, and if needed, ask a therapist familiar with RMT for some instruction or guidance.

When you order The Breather or any other Voice Aerobics products, we are always available to answer your questions  by email or phone. If you would like personalized web-based training, consider online coaching.