A study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and reported in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that time‐efficient Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST) lowered blood pressure and oxidative stress in midlife/older adults with above‐normal blood pressure. (Source: https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/full/10.1161/JAHA.121.020980)

Investigators performed a double‐blind, randomized, sham‐controlled trial to investigate whether 6 weeks of IMST (30 breaths/day, 6 days/week) improves blood pressure, endothelial function, and arterial stiffness in midlife/older adults (aged 50–79 years) with systolic blood pressure ≥120 mm Hg, while also investigating potential mechanisms and long‐lasting effects. Results showed that 6 weeks of IMST reduced systolic blood pressure, the primary outcome, and results were maintained at approximately 75% of this reduction 6 weeks  following cessation from training. It was also reported that IMST reduced plasma CRP, the most well‐established clinical marker of systemic inflammation.

I have used the Breather® a combined inspiratory-expiratory respiratory muscle strength trainer (cRMT) in my practice for over 25 years. The Breather® was designed by Peggy Nicholson, a Respiratory therapist and introduced to me by a Pulmonary rehabilitation therapist who brought one into my office one day, and said: “you might want to use this with your voice patients.” He knew that breath support was often something that I addressed in treatment, particularly with patients with Parkinson’s disease or other neuromuscular and neurogenic conditions. We also noticed that many of his Pulmonary rehab patients had impaired voice and swallowing problems, probably due to a variety of factors including medication affect, restrictive breathing patterns and poor breath support for voice and swallowing.

Mike knows that exercise can reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s so he has incorporated Breather FIT into his daily practice.

Respiratory muscle training devices have remained an important adjunct to other exercises that I might provide or recommend patients incorporate into their daily practice. These lightweight handheld devices offer so much potential benefit without a high time commitment. The growing body of research reporting benefits of RMT beyond speech and swallowing is exciting for sure.

To order a Breather + RMT kit which provides additional feedback and targeted training, visit my website:https://voiceaerobicsdvd.com/

PN Medical, the manufacturer of the Breather also has excellent education and training videos as well as webinars designed to expand your knowledge and use of RMT. They can be found at: https://www.pnmedical.com/


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