Respiratory Muscle Strength Trainer

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Respiratory muscle trainers are hand held devices designed to strengthen the muscles of inspiration and expiration.  These portable devices are easy to use and beneficial for anyone interested in developing power and endurance of their breathing muscles.

For patients with inspiratory muscle weakness, the addition of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) to a general exercise training program tends to improve exercise performance. Inspiratory resistance strengthens the diaphragm and the accessory muscles of breathing and patients with neuromuscular weakness may benefit from IMT with improved endurance.

Improving the strength of the expiratory muscles (the muscles you breathe out with) assists in breathing and breath support for singing, speaking, and coughing.

Voice Aerobics offers programs and products designed to improve and support the way you use your voice. Home-based exercise, like the BREATHER® can be used independently by persons with voice changes from neuromuscular disease such as Parkinson’s Disease, MS, PSP, Post Polio, or even for persons with voice weakness from age related changes to breathing and voice.

We receive numerous email questions about how our products can help with voice and breathing and we encourage you to read what others have askedto determine if our products are right for you. View our products and check out the latest Voice Aerobics Products available. Still not sure? Drop us a line. We also love to hear from satisfied customers. Your feedback helps us help you!

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Patient Breather Demonstration


Care of the BREATHER®

Clean the BREATHER® with warm soapy water. The BREATHER® is dishwasher safe – top rack. Shake well to remove excess water and let air dry on a clean paper towel. If the BREATHER® is thoroughly dried, it may be stored in a plastic bag.

NOTE: If the rubber diaphragm sticks from moisture buildup after training or cleaning, simply exhale forcefully through the device to release the moisture seal. The diaphragm of the BREATHER® is made of latex and caution should be taken in use with persons with known latex allergy.

Return Policy

The BREATHER® is designed for single patient use, therefore, there is no refund for purchase. If the BREATHER® is not working properly, a replacement device will be issued within a 30 day time limit from date of purchase. The device will be inspected for damage or misuse. No returns, exchanges, or faulty item credits will be accepted after 30 days from time of sale. The BREATHER® must be returned with the original invoice.

Customer’s Responsibility

  • You will pay the return postage.
  • You will also pay the postage for replacement items, and this will be the same amount as the original purchase. Alternatively, you can include a pre-paid return packaging envelope.

Caution: Instructions are packaged with your device. If you have additional questions regarding its use or other concerns, please consult with your physician or other health care professional. If you experience shortness of breath, increased heart rate, or any respiratory problems during or after training, notify your healthcare professional, and resume training only with his or her approval.

Medical Disclaimer: The information contained herein should not be construed as medical advice and is not intended to replace the medical advice of your physician or other licensed healthcare provider in your state. You should continue to consult your physician for matters regarding your health and prior to beginning any new exercise program.

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