Voice Aerobics® Songbirds©

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An Audio CD that provides a fun way to strengthen your voice.


How To Best Use the Voice Aerobics® DVD and Voice Aerobics® Songbirds audio CD…

The Voice Aerobics® programs were not designed to take the place of formal therapy, but they can definitely support the goals of formal treatment with focus on: posture, breath support and voice.

When participating in a live class, it typically takes people about three classes to learn the program, so, when using the DVD for the first time on your own, I suggest you use Part 1 (Breathwork), approximately three times so that you become accustom to my teaching method.  Then, I suggest you use Part 3, (Cool Down) several times.  You may want to combine part 1 and 3 for 27 minutes of practice, then, use Part 2 (Power Up Your Voice).  Once you are familiar with the whole program, you can mix and match the sections so that you are doing something at least three times per week.

The Voice Aerobics® Songbirds audio CD can be used anywhere you go, and many of my patients tell me that they like to use it in the car, and are often surprised that 22 minutes of voice practice is all it takes to get them to where they are going!

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4 reviews for Voice Aerobics® Songbirds©

  1. Mary

    Thank you Dr Gail for your nice email. FUN practice is exactly what I hoped to create with the Songbirds CD

  2. Gail

    I really like the Songbird CD and use one or more tracks with my daily practice. My favorite is Speech Sound in Waltz Time. I have been known to sing this without the CD! Thank you for creating such a fun way to practice.

  3. Keith

    Thank you for your assistance with the download. Much appreciated. Have been using a borrowed CD which has definitely improved my voice. Now I have my own copy I will keep up the exercises, Thank you again
    Kind Regards

  4. Patty

    Just know your music CD is the highlight of my uncle ‘s week. He loves it and it truly is making a difference in his voice / volume, articulation and facial expression. Those tunes really stick in one’s head 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    I love your blog and enjoyed you so much at last weekend\’s retreat. My husband and I immediately did the songbird CD

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