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For over 25 years, Mary Spremulli, MA,CCC-SLP, creator of Voice Aerobics, has been conducting educational seminars for both health care professionals and patients.

Your organization or support group can offer a Voice Aerobics® Seminar that will provide the latest information about voice, speech and swallowing.

Our Learn and Earn program allows your organization to benefit:

  • Participants receive a Voice Aerobics® DVD
  • We donate a portion of the total registration fees back to your organization (Please call for more details)
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Voice Aerobics® Classes

1) Voice Aerobics® Whole Body Voice Strengthening Program

This 60 minute class that focuses on posture, breathing, and voice, while incorporating upper body stretches and movement. Participants will receive a Voice Aerobics® DVD for home practice. Maximum of 30 participants per class. $55 for 5 sessions. Care partners attend for free. Seating is limited and registration is required.

2) Speak Easy©

Join others for an hour of communication activities designed to improve the way you speak and challenge your thinking. Workbook for daily home practice provided. A Hi-VOLT™ voice-on-light, calibrated voice feedback tool provided to each participant. (Maximum 6 participants per class). $125/5 sessions. Sorry, no spouses or caregivers allowed! Prior participants attend again for free!

3) Did you catch our Webinar – “Speech Therapy and Beyond for Parkinson’s”

It aired August 26, 2016 and is now available still available for listening! Approximately 70-90% of individuals with Parkinson’s disease experience a PD-related voice and speech disorder, which has been shown to affect overall quality of life ratings. After-therapy programs, community based programs like The LOUD Crowd®, device interventions and guided programs, such as Voice Aerobics®, may offer Parkinson’s patients an adjunct to formal speech therapy.

Important message from Mary:

Voice Aerobics® and Speak Easy classes are not a substitute for formal speech therapy, but rather, are designed to help you maintain the skills you may have already achieved in therapy and help strengthen and maintain your voice use. We never stop learning and the more you know, and the more you do, the better you will feel.

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3 reviews for Seminars & Classes

  1. Valerie Graham, DBS Voices of the Rockies

    As one of those who did not previously think I had any voice or speech issues which necessitated any concern, I now realize, thanks to your workshop, that even if this is true, all the more reason to commence a daily “practice” incorporating the techniques which you have pioneered to insure that this continues to be the case in the future.

  2. Bill O’Keefe, Ft Lauderdale, Florida, PRF Bahama cruise

    The best part of the cruise?” I enjoyed the voice aerobics so much, it’s right up my alley and something I really needed. The woman was kind and attentive, and we even received her voice aerobics disc in our goodie bag. I’ve played it at home and can see a real difference.

  3. Michelle Martin, Hope Parkinson Program Coordinator

    Mary Spremulli’s Voice Aerobics class is the ideal way to improve, and maintain speech functioning in a FUN, informative and powerful way. Mary is not only highly knowledgeable about the clinical aspects of speech therapy for people with PD she has translated it into a class that actively engages her students. These classes are extremely important to those with PD to prevent and/or improve speech and swallowing issues. This program is a great way to maintain improvements gained from traditional speech therapy. Her classes engage and uplift the mind, body, spirit and voice.I would highly recommend her classes to anyone with PD.

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