RMT Accessory Kit


Respiratory Muscle Strength Trainer Accessory Kit with a feedback device for enhanced performance.


Respiratory Muscle Trainer (RMT) Accessories Kit

Improving the Way You Exercise!

To benefit from any type of exercise, first, you need to clarify your goals. Do you want improved strength, endurance, or range of motion? The breathing muscles, like the skeletal muscles, can be strengthened through exercise.

Feedback Can Help

The Voice Aerobics RMT Accessories Kit combines the components you need to turn your respiratory muscle trainer into a feedback device for enhanced performance. Patients report: “It really helps me do the exercises!”

What is included*

  • Mouthpiece
  • 22mm connector
  • Tubing (and 1 replacement tubing)
  • 0-60 Manometer

*All are single patient use and latex free.
*The Breather® respiratory muscle strength trainer is sold separately.
*The manometer does not need to be used every session, but if used periodically during respiratory muscle training, it can help guide resistance levels and provide feedback helping you use YOUR BEST EFFORT!


The Respiratory Muscle Trainer (RMT) Accessory Kit can easily be used with your device.

Remove the mouthpiece from The Breather and replace with the blue 15-22 mm adapter included with your device. Then, attach the connector, tubing, manometer, and mouthpiece included with your RMT kit.  That’s it.  You are now ready to begin some targeted training.

Additional information

Weight .03 lbs


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