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Speech, Voice, and Swallowing Treatment available to adults in Southwest Florida. Mary Spremulli’s office is in Punta Gorda. Treatment can include device interventions.

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Mission: To enlist individuals in their treatment, to help them express their personality and spirit through voice, and to educate and empower.

Located in SW FLorida, Voice Aerobics, LLC, is a speech-language pathology private practice, specializing in the treatment of adults with voice, speech, and swallowing problems associated with Parkinson’s, stroke, and other neurological impairments, head and neck cancer, tracheostomy, and functional voice disorders. Medicare and various insurances accepted, including: Tricare, Blue Cross, OptumHealth, United, Humana. READ MORE


2 reviews for Voice Aerobics® Private Practice

  1. Lee Pires

    Because of Covid and distance from Punta Gorda, speech therapy via telepractice has been a great way to have therapy on a continuing basis. It has made the process rewarding and stimulating. It is especially helpful because you are able to also interact with others in therapy. Mary’s innovative program utilizing telepractice has enhanced my entire therapy experience. I feel so fortunate to have been referred to her and am now on my way to speaking with intent.

    Parkinson’s Disease was slowly robbing me of my ability to speak clearly. Prior to Speak Out, my wife thought that she was going deaf, and my mumbling was getting worse. That was scary because I wanted healthier speech. I was losing my voice, but I didn’t know how to put a stop to it. With Speak Out I am getting my voice back. I learned that by exercising it, like you would do to muscles, my voice would be stronger. With the input of speaking out with intent, I was put on the right track. The ability to speak clearly has been a battle for the last 30 years with Parkinson’s. My voice was becoming so weak that my friends couldn’t hear me anymore. Speak Out has made an enormous difference and my brother told me he could hear the difference in my voice over the phone. Speaking with a strong voice is the primary goal of my therapy.

  2. Roger

    My talking and speech gradually became stressed and smaller in the years before 2013, when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Initially, PD meds reversed most of my symptoms. Exercise helped too. But my voice seemed not to recover as much. In 2015 I took a PD voice improvement course, pumping up the volume. I recovered some, but there always seemed to be need for more Loudness.
    In 2017, my speech therapist, Mary Spremulli, suggested SPEAK OUT to improve my voice more. I learned that with this program I would change my attitude and speak with INTENT, a paradigm shift. Now with cognitive improvement training sessions in the SPEAK OUT workbook, I communicate with more understanding and expression. This is more than a superficial improvement because it comes from within me.
    After immersing myself in the SPEAK OUT course, more has been earned than simply a better voice. My confidence has returned to the way it was before the first signs of Parkinson’s. I’m mindful that I have the toolkit for better conversation from SPEAK OUT and I must remember to always use it.
    I continue to stay vocally fit with weekly LOUD CROWD sessions which have added a special new dimension to my positive Parkinson’s treatment experience.
    By the way I do really find LOUD crowd does keep my speaking with intent at top of mind – and your creativity is just fantastic, and keeps me coming back for more each week
    Roger Fenn, Englewood, FL

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