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Improve your speech and voice at home, when convenient for you.

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Speech and Voice Coaching as Close as Your Computer
Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP Licensed in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio

Giving You the Choice About When To Do More To Improve Your Speech and Voice.

Who Can Benefit? Adults who have changes in their speech and voice due to various neuromuscular or neurogenic diseases like Parkinson’s disease or stroke. Adults with voice problems from nodules or from voice misuse, or even voice changes from aging. Professionals who need to improve some aspect of speech and voice related to their employment.

How Could It Help? Many times, when formal speech therapy ends, people have difficulty maintaining the improvements in their speech and voice or lack the motivation to practice. Online coaching gives you a personal trainer for your speech and voice and eliminates the need to travel any further than your computer.  Speech and/or voice therapy may have been recommended in the past, but you may lack transportation or lack a facility near your home.  Online coaching may be the perfect way for you to get started.

Can Online Coaching Help Me?  It is not unusual for people to have swallowing problems along with speech and voice changes when the cause is a neurogenic or neuromuscular disease.  If appropriate, you may be provided education and information regarding exercises and strategies that may also improve your swallowing function.  If you have already completed formal swallowing therapy, perhaps one or two online sessions will reinforce methods that were taught.

Do You Have a Cancellation Policy?  Yes, 24 hours notice to cancel a session is requested.  No refunds for any missed sessions, but with 24 hours advance notice, sessions may be re-scheduled at a later time within a 30 day period.

How Often Should I Schedule A Session?  That is totally up to you and is something we will discuss after your initial appointment.  Most people benefit from 1x/week to 1x/month coaching sessions depending on their goals.

What Will I Need?  All you will need is a computer with a fast (cable) internet connection.  A free video-conferencing service like: VSee, SKYPE or Zoom.  A headset with microphone and a quiet room in your home or office.

2 reviews for @Home Telepractice and Online Coaching

  1. Stella

    Thanks so much, Mary!! Yes, the video works fine, and we’re so glad to be able to review our session this morning!
    BTW, this morning during my father’s snack, he had no coughs nor throat clearing. I sat with him the entire time, and saw that he was actually swallowing faster (smoother), and in most cases, didn’t even have to take that extra breath before drinking/eating. Basically, he ate and drank like a normal person.
    It seems like he is always very successful after a training session with you, and then as the day goes by, he may have the tendency to over think which makes things potentially problematic. Thanks once again!!

  2. Phyllis

    Dear Mary, I want to tell you how much I like your video. I do quite a bit of exercise so it is perfect for me. I will do it almost every morning.
    I was out with some friends a few nights ago and someone said, “you have improved so much from a year ago.” (I had all the signs then, but was not diagnosed) And the other person said, “it is her voice which has improved the most.”
    I thought you would like to know that because I am making real progress with you. I love how committed you are to helping people. You are indeed a wonderful person with all that you are doing, and your passion clearly shows. ~ Phyllis

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