If you are someone with speech and voice changes due to Parkinson’s or a related diagnosis, and you’ve completed speech therapy, you know the importance of continued daily practice. But practice isn’t always easy, especially when you are on the go. But voice practice doesn’t always have to be done sitting in front of a computer or at a desk.

Voice Aerobics® Travel pack bundled some of our customers favorite programs and put them on a USB stick  that you can take with you and use in the car, take on vacation, and use on any device that plays MP3.

How Do You Know if Your Voice is Loud Enough?

Hypophonia (low volume) is a common voice symptom for people with Parkinson’s disease, and because it develops gradually over time, many PWP don’t recognize the change in their speech or voice. Speech therapy, therefore, often focuses on increasing voice strength and your therapist will likely provide home practice suggestions.

But, once home, in the absence of feedback from your therapist, and with faulty feedback due to Parkinson’s, you may revert to your low volume. Performing speech and voice exercises at a voice level too low to provide any strength benefit may yield a disappointing result.

Hi-VOLT®4 PD voice-on-light is a calibrated, voice-activated feedback tool that illuminates when your voice is loud enough. Because it’s housed within a bracelet, you can take it with you in the car, to physical therapy, boxing class, or wherever you want voice practice on the go. It doesn’t matter what language you speak; it works the same for everyone. Just Speak Up and See the Light!

If you are a passenger in the car, use your Hi-VOLT® bracelet when you are out on errands or traveling to appointments. Read/say out loud as many things as you can in a 20- minute ride. This can be license numbers, road signs, store marquee. Make it fun, and just stay loud enough to activate the light.

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