Traveling this summer? So many of my patients are heading out of hot Florida in search of cooler weather, but travel and vacation can sometimes be an opportunity to stop voice practice and lose some of the gains you made in prior therapy. So, why not take your practice with you?

Voice Aerobics® Travel Pack bundles some of the favorite Voice Aerobics programs on one small USB stick, and contains the Breathwork video, Songbirds audio CD and Hi-VOLT 4 PD audio CD guided practice. All for ONLY $30. But, if you want to ramp up your practice, add the Hi-VOLT 4 PD voice-on-light bracelet, a feedback tool that helps you practice at a high level of effort providing voice strengthening.

Voice Aerobics® 3-in-1 Travel Pack (Songbirds©, Hi-VOLT® 4PD©, & Breathwork)

Since 1999 with the creation of the Voice Aerobics DVD, my goal has always been to provide individuals with Parkinson’s related speech and voice changes guided practice tools that could be used before, during, or after therapy. In addition, I wanted after therapy programs that were FUN, PORTABLE and AFFORDABLE.

The office will be closed for vacation July 11-July 23, 2024, so order today for fastest shipping.

But WAIT, the Voice Aerobics full 60 minute video, Songbirds audio CD and Hi-VOLT 4 PD CD can all be downloaded to your tablet or computer RIGHT NOW.

From New York to India. No geographic boundaries. No shipping cost. No taxes. No Waiting.

Start practicing today. Order here now:


My Mission: To enlist individuals in their treatment, and help them express their personality & spirit through voice. To educate and empower. Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP * FiTOUR® Group Exercise Instructor * Voice Aerobics® A Whole Body Approach to Voice Practice

Voice Aerobics the heART and Science of Voice Practice