I hope this email finds everyone home and in good health. We are all experiencing one of the most challenging times in our country, and as a healthcare provider, I am proud of the work we do, but also saddened by the suffering of some of my colleauges, their patients and families.

Telepractice Offers Continuity of Care

This week, I officially closed my office for at least the month of April, and although I am hoping to transition interested patients to the telehealth format, Medicare coverage for speech therapy services via telepractice has not yet been announced by CMS.

Under the emergency declaration and waivers related to the COVID 19 pandemic several health plans (UHC, CIGNA, and Tricare)  have authorized telehealth services for speech therapy, which is great for patients. It is recommended, however, that patients also check telehealth coverage with their insurance provider.

I have offered offered Online Coaching and teletherapy to patients for over 5 years and  I feel confident in serving patients using the telehealth model of service delivery.  I am licensed in: Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina.

LOUD Crowd Charlotte County Meets Online

The Charlotte County LOUD Crowd, a weekly after therapy class which began in October of 2016 has successfully shifted to a web-based format.  Eleven members were able to join the class last week, providing them the opportunity for continued speech and voice practice, feedback and peer support. If you have completed Speak OUT! speech therapy and would like to join our class, or start a virtual class, please email me: info@voiceaerobicsdvd.com

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Neurological disorders are now the leading cause of disability in the world. Among these neurological disorders, the fastest growing is Parkinson’s disease, whose growth is surpassing that of Alzheimer disease, and the number of people with PD will double from 6.9 million in 2015 to 14.2 million in 2040, representing a pandemic of a different sort. When our current health crisis is over, it may be more important than ever that members of the Parkinson’s community  support the local community organizations that depend on your donations in order to provide support groups, education and exercise programs, which we know are all essential to better health and quality of life. 

The Voice Aerobics Family of Products Provides Guided Practice You CAN Do at Home

Spending time at home is good for reducing the spread of Corona virus, but not so good for your speech and voice. Why not use this as an opprtunity to utilize one of the Voice Aerobics products? They were designed for patients to use on their own before, during, or after therapy.

Voice Aerobics® 20 Years of Supporting People with Parkinson’s

Voice Aerobics®, introduced in 1999, was the first whole-body program developed for people with Parkinson’s combining voice practice with movement. It’s hard to imagine a time when we did not have the internet bombarding us with information, but at the time it was created, there was nothing available for my Parkinson’s patients once they completed a course of speech therapy, and patients weren’t sure how to practice on their own.

I began creating audio tapes for home practice, and eventually created a weekly class called Voice Aerobics. Participants were always asking me for a copy of the exercises to perform at home, and so, in 2008 a class was recorded on DVD for distribution.

The class was designed to serve as an after-therapy program, and since it’s guided, there is nothing to remember. All of the movements can be done seated or standing, and throughout the class you are encouraged to focus on: Posture, Breathing, and Voice. You can download Part 1: Breathwork or the entire program. The program is available on DVD or can be downloaded directly to your computer or tablet.

Over the last 20 years whenever I complete Part 1, Breathwork, I am always relaxed, mindful of my body and breathing, and present in the moment. Why not try it? I guarantee you will feel better afterward. My goal in creating the Voice Aerobics family of products was to provide people with Parkinson’s and related disorders  programs and products that are: affordable, portable, and FUN!

When I formed my company in 2008, I envisoned that everyone with PD, no matter where they lived in the world, could have access to Voice Aerobics. It remains a goal. Do you know someone who could benefit? Please share my blog and website information.

Graduate Student Scholarship Applications Accepted Until April 30

Annually, beginning May 20th, 2012, a check for $500 has been awarded to a graduate student in speech-language pathology. Each year, applicants express why they have chosen the field of speech-language pathology  as well as what qualities or interests they feel they can contribute. This annual commitment came about as a symbol of the faith I have in my own business to prosper and to support students, who represent the future of a profession I love so much. This year, the ability to maintain a business is certainly being put to the test, and although the recipient will be announced later in the year,  I want to honor my commitment nevertheless, and invite interested graduate students to visit my website to learn more:https://voiceaerobicsdvd.com/student-scholarship/. 

InsightTImer a free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress. 

Who isn’t stressed these days? I recently discovered InsightTimer, a free app which contains over 30,000 guided meditations, beautiful music, and talks,  all designed to help users relax. You can listen on your computer or download the app to your phone or other portable device. While writing today’s blog I listened to Everything Will Be Okay-A Lullaby, and yes, we will be ok. 


My MissionTo enlist individuals in their treatment, and help them express their personality & spirit through voice. To educate  and empower. Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP *  FiTOUR® Group Exercise Instructor * Voice Aerobics® A Whole Body Approach to Voice Practice

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