Several years ago, when hosting monthly podcasts, I interviewed Carol Walton, CEO of the Parkinson Alliance, and Dr. Jeffrey Wertheimer, a neuropsychologist, who helps to design and interpret the Parkinson Alliance surveys which are distributed bi-annually to persons with Parkinson’s disease.

In that interview, we discussed two subjects which had been investigated: exercise and patience. Now, while exercise is clearly important to any of us who hope to reduce the effects of aging and chronic disease on health, it was the survey on patience, which was of most interest to me.

We don’t typically associate patience as a trait that has much to do with Parkinson’s disease (PD), but according to survey respondents (approximately 1400) patience was identified as one of several important coping strategies that come about as a result of living with PD. Patience was defined by Dr. Wertheimer as:

“The propensity of a person to wait calmly in the face of frustration, adversity, or suffering … enacted across a wide range of circumstances and timeframes.”

Whether the result of bradyphenia (slowness of thinking) and/or bradykinesia (slowness of movement), individuals who describe themselves as patient, seem to have an overall higher level of optimism.

Many survey respondents indicated that exercise had a role in contributing to patience. Mindfulness and prayer were also cited as contributing to increased patience, and when Dr. Wertheimer spoke about mindfulness, there was a phrase he used several times:

“Where the attention goes the emotion flows.”

Put a different way: “what we dwell on in mind is what manifests in our life.” What we give our attention to is often what we get more of in our lives, and it is also the challenge of not thinking about something we don’t like or want.

Since that podcast aired, the news is filled with daily reminders of how unpredictable, chaotic, and unsettling our world can be at times. And even during the holiday season, when our thoughts and actions should be about goodwill, standing in line or getting caught in a traffic jam can try our patience.

So, as we celebrate the holiday season together let’s try to block out the seemingly endless negative chatter on the air waves and sometimes in our own minds, and instead try a little patience.

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