On Friday, I learned that a member of my weekly LOUD Crowd® class was in Hospice. “Suddenly” he declined, his wife told me in an email. This morning, he passed away at home.

It’s odd to think of death as coming “suddenly” when someone has a Parkinson’s diagnosis, because most people live a long life with the disease. But, nevertheless, it always does seem “sudden” when I learn that a person who was recently in one of my classes has died.

In many ways, Al and Judy were two of the sages of our group. Al had lived with PD for over 27 years, and, despite this, or perhaps because of it, he had chosen to adopt a positive outlook on life that he was always willing to share. In a similar way, Judy always seemed to tackle anything that came their way with a can-do spirit, and in doing so, she served as a role model and support for the “wives club,” an un-official group of spouses who get together each Thursday when class meets.

We are never sure what goes on in the “wives club,” and we jokingly accuse them of going off for a glass of wine, but whatever goes on, they always return with smiles and renewed energy,  sharing information, recipes, stories, and even plants.

Little did I know when I began the LOUD Crowd in 2016, how cohesive our group would become, and that it would not only support people living with Parkinson’s, but also their spouses. While the focus of our group has always been on speaking and living with “intent,” we have become friends, and like any friendship, we share a lot of laughter and inevitably tears.  

I’m sure there is no one reading this who would welcome Parkinson’s into their life, but, once there, if you are open to it, you may discover that it may also bring some of the best new friends you will ever have.

In Loving Memory of Al, whose strength and courage will stay with us

Private Practice Update

Effective 5-08-2020: The office in Punta Gorda will re-open. In order to continue some degree of social distancing and safety, patients will only be allowed in the office during their scheduled treatment time, and unless necessary, family members will be requested to wait outside the office. Masks and gloves will be used as appropriate and usual standard precautions. When possible, paperwork will be sent ahead of the visit via email. If you prefer, telehealth visits are also available.

Medicare Expands Telehealth Services to Audiologists and SLPs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If were enrolled in out-patient therapy in March of 2020 you may resume treatment in the office or via telehealth. Please contact me by email or phone if you are interested in resuming or beginning treatment.

Graduate Student Scholarship

This year I received over 150 applications for the speech-language pathology graduate student scholarship, and now I am faced with making a difficult decision.
Similar to past years, I was struck by the level of compassion and motivation applicants expresssed, their desire to serve children and adults with communication disorders, and also the stories some shared about a very personal relationship with someone who suffered from a  speech or hearing impairment.
This year has been challenging for my business and private practice, and like many of the students, I am trying to regain my equilibrium.
I hope to select a recipient by the end of next month at which time I will  post an announcement on my website. Thank you to all who took the time to apply, affirming to me that the future of our field looks bright.



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