A challenge for many people with Parkinson’s is finding the time for speech practice. So, a part of the mission here at Voice Aerobics, is creating fun products and programs that can be used by patients any time and anywhere.

In 2010,Grand Slam© joined the family of products. Inspired by mother, an avid bridge player, they were originally designed to be a companion product to the Voice Aerobics® DVD, but are now a stand alone pack of 52 poker cards with speech and voice activities on 25 of the cards. Use them in or out of speech therapy, use them on your own, or while playing a game of cards with others. Your Physical and Occupational therapists may even have you reaching and bending to pick up a card helping you incorporate speech practice into every movement.

Slide them into your purse or pocket and get started. You’ll be prompted to perform a voice or cognitive-linguistic activity, designed to help you Think AND stay LOUD!

Sometimes in life, you just have to play the hand your dealt, and we’re here to make sure it’s FUN!


Parkinson’s in the NEWS.

I had the honor of being a guest on Public Radio’s Gulf Coast Live program raising Parkinson’s Awareness. I was joined by Dr. Gil, a local Neurologist, Carisa Campanella, Program Director at Neurochallenge Foundation, Sarasota, Fl, Michelle Martin, Program Director for Hope Parkinson’s in Ft. Myers, Fl, and the ever wonderful Parkinson’s Advocates: Michael and Gretchen Church. You can listen to the interview now: https://news.wgcu.org/post/we-get-latest-efforts-help-people-parkinsons-disease

Hi-VOLT® Voice-on-light is temporarily out of stock.

Hi-VOLT® 4PD voice-on-light helps with daily speech practice


The Hi-VOLT® calibrated, voice-activated feedback tool has been flying off the shelves,helping people with Parkinson’s talk, walk, and stay loud. Due to popular demand, we are temporarily sold out. But, DON’T Worry, a shipment is on the way, and expected to arrive between May 15-19, 2019. Order now, and your patience will be rewarded with a 10% discount. Just use the coupon code: Hi-VOLT10% at check-out and you’re all set.


International Customers PAY NO SHIPPING with Downloads of Popular Products

Voice Aerobics® DVD, a Whole Body Voice Strengthening program is available to own or rent. Part 1, Breathwork is available as a download to own or rent, and provides 15 minutes of relaxing upper body stretching with focus on breathing.

The Port Charlotte-Punta Gorda LOUD Crowd® Speech at the Beach

When The Parkinson Voice Project asked local LOUD Crowd groups to send a video representing their area of the country, we just had to do it on the beach. I LOVE this fun group of people. Visit the Parkinson Voice project website where they will show highlights from groups around the country. Our group’s motto: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”

My Mission

To enlist individuals in their treatment, and help them express their personality & spirit through voice. To educate and empower.
Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP