Over the last week, I have had several email and phone calls from customers of Alimed, with questions about the availability of the Voice Aerobics Hi-Volt®. While Alimed will no longer be distributing the product, it remains available through our website and you will find ordering information here: https://voiceaerobicsdvd.com/product/hi-volt-voice-on-light-bracelet/

The Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT® voice-activated bracelet was created in 2015, with the goal of providing a simple external feedback tool for Parkinson’s patients (e.g. “speak loud enough to see the light”) with resulting increase in vocal intensity. The Hi-VOLT can also serve as a feedback tool for targeted training during independent home practice, helping individuals perform vocal function exercises at a high enough level of effort to obtain some strengthening effect.

When positioned 13″ from the user’s body the Hi-VOLT light will activate to vocal intensity 78dBSPL +/- 2. Acoustic data for 98 PD patients was reviewed and the Wilcoxon signed rank test used to compare the median, or middle number of the data, when ranked in order.

Rounding up, the median loudness without feedback was 74.0 dB SPL, and the median loudness when using the Hi-VOLT was 80.0 dB SPL.

How Do I Use the Hi-VOLT with My Patients?

Provide patients with a Hi-VOLT® light during speech therapy treatment, regardless of the approach. Encourage patients to utilize the Hi-VOLT when performing core exercises such as the sustained vowel task. Some patients will continue to use the Hi-VOLT during daily practice, while others will gradually titrate away from dependence on an external cue. I invite patients to take the bracelet out once a week just to re-calibrate to the level of loudness they need to be using when completing home practice, os wear it in the car when riding as a passenger and read road signs loud enough to activate the light.

Because the Hi-VOLT® light is housed within a bracelet, it can go with patients anywhere they go like physical therapy, boxing, or a ride in the car.

Help your patients walk, talk and stay loud. Hi-Volt 4PD Voice-on-light. A calibrated voice activated feedback bracelet that goes wherever your patient goes - making voice practice affordable, portable and fun!

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