Have you taken advantage of telepractice/teletherapy since the stay at home orders began back in March of 2020? 

Although in-person interaction is typically the primary form of contact between most patients and speech-language pathologists; due to the COVID-19 pandemic many therapists and patients are turning to telepractice as an effective way to deliver and receive speech and voice therapy. The benefit to you, as a patient, is that there is no need to travel any further than your home to receive the same treatment programs you would receive in person. The same HIPPA privacy regulations are observed, and your information is stored securely in an electronic health record, allowing you to access that information at any future time.

Telepractice ensures that patients receive the care they need regardless of where they physically reside.
Insurance and Medicare Payment for Telepractice

At the present time Medicare and most other commercial insurance providers have authorized payment for use of telehealth by speech-language pathologists as a temporary addition for the COVID-19 pandemic. Before electing the telehealth option, patients are encouraged to check coverage with their insurance providers.

Here’s what a few recent telepractice patients had to say: I’m impressed by Mary’s ability to administer speech therapy through telepractice.  I can honestly say it’s like being in the same room with her. Her compassion and humor are effectively transmitted”. Fred (diagnosis Parkinson’s completed Speak OUT!speech therapy online)

“The ability to speak clearly has been a battle for the last 30 years with Parkinson’s.  My voice was becoming so weak that my friends couldn’t hear me anymore. Speaking with a strong voice is the primary goal of my therapy.Because of Covid and distance from Punta Gorda, speech therapy via telepractice has been a great way to have therapy on a continuing basis.  It has made the process rewarding and stimulating.  It is especially helpful because you are able to also interact with others in therapy.  Mary’s innovative program utilizing telepractice has enhanced my entire therapy experience.  I feel so fortunate to have been referred to her.” Lee (diagosis Parkinson’s)

ONLINE Coaching

Here at Voice Aerobics, I have been offering Online Coaching for nearly 10 years, and offer a free 15 minute coaching session to  anyone who purchases a Voice Aerobics product. Take advantage of a coaching session or telepractice. NO EXCUSES!

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Aphasia Recovery Connection & Lingraphica Present Virtual Connections!

Another great online opportunity for people with aphasia was just introduced by Lingraphica, a company that has a sole dedication to creating products and programs that support aphasia recovery. Virtual Connections is an online community offering sessions on a variety of topics 7 days a week. Sessions are FREE and facilitated by speech-language pathologists, music therapists, and aphasia experts. 

Anyone can join sessions to meet others, share ideas, and practice your communication skills, and perhaps most important, end the isolation you may feel from having a communication disorder or due to social distancing.

Register here: https://devices.aphasia.com/virtual-connections


Parkinson Voice Project Invites You to Join Their Anniversary Celebration

The celebration will feature a mini-documentary about Parkinson Voice Project and the debut of the Global Virtual Choir singing an original song, “We Find Our Voice!” Over 200 people with Parkinson’s, their families, and speech-language pathologists from around the world will sing with intent. Visit PVP website to learn more and to sign up for the event: https://www.parkinsonvoiceproject.org/15thAnniversaryCelebration


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