Dr. Sandy Gibson from the Department of Counselor Education at The College of New Jersey in conjunction with the Parkinson Alliance is conducting a new Patient Centered Research Study: The Use of Cannabis to Treat Symptoms of Parkinson’s.

The medical use of cannabis has grown in popularity over recent years for many diseases, including Parkinson’s. This survey aims to better understand the extent and effect of the therapeutic use of cannabis to address a myriad of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Confidentiality is always a priority for Parkinson Alliance surveys, but given the sensitive nature of this topic, no demographic data is required, and will be collected by The College of New Jersey. This survey like other Parkinson Alliance Surveys provide and opportunity for persons living with Parkinson’s disease to provide firsthand knowledge and experience to help shape and improve the quality of life for everyone affected by the disease.

The Cannabis survey is now open online and data collection will continue until May 15, 2022. The direct link to take the online survey is: https://tcnj.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_25moO0dnuvpSknQ

(Cannabis Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels)

Warm-up This Week With Voice Aerobics®


Some of you reading this post today may be still dealing with snowfall and cold, cold temperatures. Even in Florida, where I live, the drop in temperature has me bundling up this weekend. In fact, I was thinking this morning about the other half of my life that I spent living in Cleveland, Ohio where winters can be very cold. I wonder now how I managed to start so many mornings by scraping ice off my car windows, walking from a parking lot into the hospital where I worked, leaving work and praying my car would start while scraping the car windows again, stopping at the gym on my way home and taking off layers of clothes, only to layer them all back on, and finally doing my car ritual again.

Finding the motivation to exercise when it is very cold can be a challenge for all of us, and even more so when Parkinson’s makes muscles stiff and icey conditions make the risk of falling greater. Now, at least, numerous online exercise programs are available, including some designed especially to adress common symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Voice Aerobics® is just that sort of program which you an download for as little as $4.99. So what is it? Voice Aerobics is a whole-body voice exercise program which focuses on Breath support, Posture, and Voice. The program was created in 1999 and over the last 22 years has been offered as a weekly class in various settings. In 2008, in response to requests from patients, a class was recorded onto DVD and made available for worldwide distribution.

Who is it For?

Voice Aerobics is for anyone with Parkinson’s or a related disease diagnosis who would like to participate in 57 minutes of guided practice without leaving home. All of the exercises can be completed seated or standing. You can complete one part or all 3 parts of the program, and in fact, maybe  your spouse would like to join you.

When I created Voice Aerobics I knew it was a novel approach to voice exercise for people with Parkinson’s. Bringing awareness to posture and breathing, the underpinnings of healthy voice and adding movements to vocalizations just seemed to make alot of sense. Powering your voice with a movement and powering the movement with your voice just might make a difference. So, go ahead and try it. I’ll be there to guide you! 

To learn more about Voice Aerobics and review results of a survey visit: https://voiceaerobicsdvd.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/WPC-Voice-Aerobics-Poster-Benefits.pdf


My Mission: To enlist individuals in their treatment, and help them express their personality & spirit through voice. To educate  and empower. Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP * FiTOUR® Group Exercise Instructor * Voice Aerobics® A Whole Body Approach to Voice Practice

Voice Aerobics the heART and Science of Voice Practice