Florida International University Student Jodie Davidson Receives Scholarship

Scholarship recipient, Jodie Davidson
Sharon Tang, Loyala University Scholarship Recipient
The Voice Aerobics™ graduate student scholarship is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates character traits and intention to make a positive contribution to the field of Speech-Language Pathology. The 2015 recipient is Jodie Davidson, a first year graduate student at Florida International University, Miami, Fl.

Once again this year, with over 60 applicants, my decision was painstakingly difficult. Like in previous years, applications were flagged, and then reviewed, over and over again.

Jodie’s personal experience of achieving goals, despite being born with a hearing disability, and wisdom beyond her years, inspired me to select her as this year’s recipient. In her words: “As I grew older, I was able to compensate for my differences-and that drive has motivated and inspired me, and is the impetus for everything I do to achieve my goals and become an SLP.”

Jodie also wrote of her commitment to volunteerism, and even taught me a new Hebrew word: Tikkun Olam” which means: “repairing the world.” Clearly, Jodie is prepared to be a servant to others, and make worthwhile contributions to our field.

The student scholarship award was begun as a way of giving back to the profession that I love, to support clinicians who represent the future of the field, and as a way of affirming the continued success of my own business.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an application. Acceptance of applications for next year will begin March 1, 2016, with a deadline of April 30, 2016..

"Thank you Mary that means a lot to me! I feel honored to have met with you and to have been the recipient of your scholarship. I hope to make as much as a difference in our field as you have." ~Jodie
Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP, Owner, Voice Aerobics, LLC    

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