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Buy Hi-VOLT® 4PD© Voice Products

Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT® 4 PD© audio CD & Voice-on-Light Bracelet

Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT Bracelet and Voice Practice CD  Voice Aerobics HiVOLT Voice-on-Light Bracelet and Practice @Home CD

Purchase the Voice-on-Light bracelet and audio CD together and save!

Price: $32.00

Hi-VOLT® Voice-on-Light Bracelet

Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT Voice-on-Light Bracelet

A calibrated voice-activated bracelet. Feel the effort, stay loud enough for everyday conversation.

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Hi-VOLT® 4PD© Voice Practice @Home Audio CD

  Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT Voice Practice @Home CD

The Hi-VOLT® 4PD© Voice Practice CD will help you get the most out of using your Hi-VOLT® Voice-on-Light bracelet!

CD Price: $11.99

Hi-VOLT® 4PD© Voice Practice @Home
Digital Download

Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT Voice Practice @Home CD

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Price: $9.99


If you prefer to pay by check please download our online Order Form and mail it to us with your payment.


Important Note: The Hi-VOLT® voice-on-light was designed to be used during daily voice practice for 30- 60 minutes daily. When used this way, the goal is to provide augmented feedback which may help with motivation to practice and also provide the user with a better sense of the amount of voice effort required to stay loud enough for everyday conversation.

The battery life of the voice-on-light is 30 continuous hours of static and active engagement in the on position. The bracelet was NOT designed for all day use, and doing so will drain the batteries quickly.

Leaving the light in the ON position will also drain the batteries quickly, so please, turn the device OFF when not in use. When used as recommended, the bracelet should provide approximately 6 weeks of use.

When you are ready to replace your bracelet, re-orders are 10% off and your 4th bracelet is FREE! Please retain proof of purchase.

As seen in PD Magazine, April, 2015:

"New PD Wearable Device
Voice-On-Light Bracelet Lets You See When Your Voice Is Loud Enough

Speech, voice, and swallowing changes in Parkinson's Disease are very common. About 89% of people with PD will experience a decrease in communication ability or swallowing at some point in the disease process because of motor and sensory changes. Often, people with PD think they are talking loudly enough when they actually are speaking very softly. This mis-perception results from sensory deficits in PD. Staying loud enough to have a conversation can be a challenge for both the speaker and the listener! ...The Voice-On-Light Bracelet is a useful tool to help answer the question, "Am I speaking loudly enough?..."

Hi-VOLT® Voice-on-Light Testimonial:
"Hello Mary, I just want to let you know that my Hi-Volt® Bracelet has expired this afternoon; I used it 70 days with an average use time of 2 hours a day. I carried it everywhere and considered it a friend. Many times I found my vocal abilities back sliding and I would bring out my friend and regain control.

I would like to tell you that I am 100%, but we both know that is not to be. With my bracelet and the habits I have acquired from your class I am generally satisfied. I can never thank you enough!

Hi-VOLT® Voice-on-Light Testimonial:
"Without my bracelet I feel naked, I like the feedback when I practice."
Frank, speech therapy patient with hypophonia due to Parkinson's

Here's the Way It Works!


Speak Up and See the Light!

Speaking loud enough to have a conversation just shouldn't be so hard. But for many people with Parkinson's Disease, it is.

What if you could take a Voice Aerobics Hi VOLT® Voice-on-Light Bracelet with you wherever you go, just to help you stay loud enough for everyday conversation?

Here's how it works... You just need to speak loud enough to activate the light! That's all there is to it.

Use the Hi-VOLT® 4PD© Voice Practice @Home Audio CD or audio MP3 for guided voice practice at home. Your Voice Aerobics Hi-VOLT® Voice-on-Light bracelet is calibrated to help you stay loud enough to see the light.

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

  • Battery life of the Voice-on-Light Bracelet is 30 continuous hours.
  • Fits men's or women's wrists up to 7 inches.
  • Turn the light switch to the off position when not in use.
  • The bracelet material is latex free.
  • Do not submerge Voice-on-Light Bracelet in water or expose to extreme temperatures.

Hi-VOLT® is not a medical device or medical treatment and you should report any changes in your voice to your physician.

No refunds. No returns.

Want a private session?  Check out Voice Aerobics @Home Online Coaching, where you will find me as close as your computer!

My Mission:

To enlist individuals in their treatment, and help them express their personality & spirit through voice. To educate and empower.
Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP

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