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The BREATHER® Trainer Instructions

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Instructions For Use of the BREATHER®.  The BREATHER® provides variable resistance to airflow on inspiration and expiration.

Please read the instructions that come packaged with the BREATHER®.  The tutorial below is a quick guide to using the device.  Technique One:

Hold the BREATHER® in your mouth throughout a complete set.  Every breath in and out, is through the BREATHER®.  Set your dials on 1.  Pause anytime you need to swallow saliva.   BREATHER® Trainer!
Inspire (breathe in) deeply filling your lungs, and hold the breath in your lungs for a second before exhaling.  Feel your rib cage expand and your abdominal muscles relax.   BREATHER® Trainer Inhale!
Exhale forcefully and feel your abdominal muscles contract (tighten) as they help to support the breath out.  Listen to the sound of your breath stream, this is the audio feedback of a vigorous expiratory breath.  Exhalation is the phase of breathing we interrupt to swallow, the breath we use for speaking, and the expiratory muscles are used when coughing.

When you are comfortable with the technique, begin a series of inspiratory-expiratory breaths for one minute.
  BREATHER® Trainer Exhale!

The number of repetitions completed in one minute is a set.  Rest for ½ to 1 minute.  Repeat another set. Continue, until you have completed 5 sets.

For the first week of training,
complete 5 sets twice daily.  Focus on diaphragmatic breathing throughout training.  Week two, increase the number of sets and by week three, you should be ready to increase the resistance from one to two by turning the dials.
  BREATHER® Trainer Rest!
Refer to the instruction booklet packaged with your BREATHER® for additional training tips, and information about care and cleaning.

***Always check with your physician prior to beginning any exercise program.

My Mission:
To enlist individuals in their treatment, and help them express their personality & spirit through voice. To educate and empower.    Mary Spremulli, MA, CCC-SLP

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